Judaic Studies Course Description

The Judaic Studies curriculum at Ilan is designed to touch the heart as well as the mind in a stimulating and inspiring four-year course of study. Students are encouraged to maximize their potential in an interactive class environment that combines text-based skill development with conceptual fluency. A focus on applying the messages of Torah to life permeates all aspects of the Ilan High School Limudei Kodesh curriculum.



Each year students complete an in-depth study of one sefer of the Torah. Strong emphasis is placed on reading the pesukim and understanding the major commentaries, gearing the students for independent Torah study. Students learn lifelong skills necessary to read, research, and decipher the meaning of any Torah topic. Many moral truths are gleaned from the text, expounded, and discussed in relation to everyday life.

Navi and Ketuvim

Neviim, Rishonim (early prophets), Acharonim (later prophets), and the books of the Ketuvim, including Tehillim, the five Megilot, Mishlei, and Kohelet are studied through a student’s four-year stay at Ilan. Although there are manifold truths found in every verse of the Torah, the selected sefarim have clear and palpable lessons. Unlocking these secrets in our own texts inspires Ilan students to continually delve in and find a bounty of rewards from their learning. Through the study of Neviim and Ketuvim, students acquire a working knowledge of Jewish history, heritage, and the trials of early generations of our nation as they realize the sacredness and timelessness of the messages conveyed.


Ilan students attain a clear understanding of the halachot as they pertain to the Jewish woman. Throughout four years of study, the laws of Shabbat, holidays, prayer, kashrut, and mitzvot are taught in a methodical fashion. Students emerge with the ability to integrate the intricacies of Jewish law into their lives. The lasting value of this course is seen by alumnae who comment that they often refer back to their Ilan halachah notes for years to come.


This program is designed to ensure that all students emerge with a fluency in the Hebrew language. Classes are divided according to levels of proficiency so that each student can advance at her own pace. Hebrew is studied as a living language, linking us to generations past and connecting us with our brethren in Israel today. The program includes a strong emphasis on modern conversational Hebrew and Hebrew literature. Hebrew grammar, oral presentation, and writing skills are also stressed.

Jewish History I & II

This is a survey course of Jewish history beginning just after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE and continuing through the modern period. Students examine the scope and sequence of Jewish history focusing on key events and personalities that have shaped our nation. Jewish history is studied within the context of world history, focusing on the hashgachah pratit in the trajectory of Am Yisrael, and using the lessons of the past as guideposts for the future.

Pirkei Avot

This class focuses on a selection of Mishnayot from the inspirational guidance of Pirke Avot to enhance everyday life. The mussar and wisdom of our Sages is elaborated upon through a focused and meaningful presentation. Each detail gleaned from this text gives forth profound lessons about human nature and inspires a striving toward perfection of character.


This most important area of a Jewish woman’s life is explored to provide the student with an understanding of the deeper meaning behind prayer. A keener appreciation of the themes and structure of tefillah significantly enhances the student’s own experience in prayer.


This course comprises an in-depth study of the Jewish holidays. When an Ilan student completes this course, she is familiar with the laws and customs of all Jewish holidays and has been exposed to fundamental Jewish thought about them.

Jewish Outlook

Young Jewish women often find themselves in a chaotic and confusing world. With heavy emphasis on translating philosophical concepts into practical application, this course can help ease some of the difficulties of growing up. These lively, thought-provoking classes are extremely popular with students due to the wide range of issues covered and the clarity of Torah direction provided.

Torah Lecture – Rabbi Shlomo Diamond

Rabbi Diamond delivers a stimulating weekly lecture crystallizing complex topics of the perashah. Students learn to interpret complicated issues directly and honestly. This much anticipated class affords our students the rare opportunity to forge a relationship with our esteemed Rabbinical adviser.

Inyanim B’Chumash – Rabbi Eli Mansour

A most highly sought-after lecturer in our community with vast breadth of knowledge, Rabbi Mansour delivers fascinating and thought-provoking weekly classes on a wide range of Torah topics. These dynamic presentations serve to enlighten and inspire our students.

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